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The Kate Bush Edit

Inspired by the music and style of three-time Grammy Award nominated singer, songwriter, music producer, director and musician Kate Bush. 

This collection is a proud collaboration with my talented 11 year old step-daughter, Bridget, who has been introduced to the music of Kate Bush because of the popular TV series 'Stranger Things'. 

I was standing in the kitchen making tea when Bridget announced that she had a new favourite song, then played me 'Running Up That Hill', which is one of my favourite songs - reminiscent of my childhood when my Dad would play Kate Bush records or record her music videos off the telly onto VHS.

I then played B a few of my favourite Kate Bush songs and we had a loverly wee natter about music. The song 'Running Up That Hill' had been featured during a dramatic scene in her favourite TV show - Stranger Things. I've heard it humming through her headphones ever day since...

I love how music can connect people, across generations, spanning decades. Nostalgia and discovery all rolled into one. 

So here's to Bridget and to what is hopefully the first or many collaborations.