Our approach to sustainability

ELECTRIC EYE APPAREL is an ethical and responsible indie brand. We are committed to growing our brand with a no bullsh*t approach in a way that is positive, ethically sound and helps to reduce the negative impact that the fashion industry has on the environment. Effective ethics and integrity are at the heart of all that we do. This includes; how we trade, the relationships we have with our customers, our supply chain and how we treat the people we work with / for. 


We only source products from companies with robust ethical standards. The garments that we source are from suppliers who are certified with the Fair Wear Foundation. Our main garment supplier researched their whole supply chain and achieved vegan accreditation. Our supplier ensures that everything in their supply chain matches or exceeds international labour rights. This includes fair living wages and safety for workers. Ethical Trading works both ways – we like to work with people that share our values and there are some businesses that we have refused to work with as we don’t want to support their unethical practices.


In an effort to increase sustainability of our items we practise SLOW FASHION. This helps us manage our small business more effectively, allows customers to enjoy our 'custom' and more personal shopping experience. It also increases the eco-friendly advantages of our production process.

The practice of fast, cheap and dirty fashion is havoc to our planet. Fast Fashion is also fairly new, just coming on the scene in the early 90's. Companies who take a Fast Fashion mindset in business try to launch many new styles a week at extremely low prices. They make their money on selling large volumes of clothing as cheaply as possible. This translates into dangerous unfair labour practices, dirty polluting fabrics and unsafe working conditions. The Fashion Industry is now the second largest polluter on the planet.

To avoid excess waste and surplus stock all of our products are made to order from our home studio in Manchester, UK. Yes, it means that in a world of 'I want it yesterday' production that it takes a little longer to turnaround our orders, but it has worked for us so far and our customers appreciate the way we trade and have no issue with the slightly longer delivery times... we promise that your garments will be well worth the wait!


We've chosen to embroider all of our garments as opposed to printing. Firstly, the finish is far superior and longer lasting. Secondly, the plastics and chemicals involved in vinyl printing aren't good for our environment. There is also a lot of waste (cuttings and excess plastic) associated with the printing process, every inch of thread is used up using our embroidery technique so no waste here!


Our products are made from supersoft organic cotton as it is SO MUCH better for the environment. The high quality of our garments is something that we are very proud of.

No toxic chemicals are used in the growing of organic cotton. It doesn't damage the soil, has less impact on the air, and uses 88% less water and 62% less energy. Conventional cotton uses about 16% of the world's insecticides and 7% of pesticides. Many of these chemicals are left on the garments which can be harmful, particularly for children and babies. For more info click here.


Fashion has always had seasons. Initially it was 2 collections – for spring/summer and fall/winter, then it turned into 4 seasonal collections, then multiple deliveries throughout the season, and now with fast fashion new collections are on the floor every week. However, Electric Eye Apparel is a completely seasonless brand. Our products are made to be worn and enjoyed all year round and as we use high quality materials, you can wash and wear again and again. 


(Re)defining sustainability. 

REDUCE: Buy quality and buy less

REWEAR: Wear your items over and over again. Style em up, style em down.

RECYCLE: Donate, clothes swap, upcycle, repurpose


10 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean every year with an estimated 12 billion tonnes of waste in plastic landfill by 2050. When you buy from us your garments will be wrapped up, packaged and sent to you in our plastic free, 100% recyclable paper packaging. The packaging itself is made from recycled paper and even the gum on the envelope is environmentally friendly. 


Electric Eye Apparel is proudly anti-fast fashion.

"Fast fashion" refers to clothing manufactured at warp speed and sold at a low price point. The rate of production is fast; the customer’s decision to purchase is fast; delivery is fast; and garments are worn fast, usually only a few times before being discarded. It is a model that is entirely unsustainable.

Find out more about fast fashion here