'YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND' Natural Soy Wax Candle Set in Jar (250ml & 120ml)



'YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND' Natural Soy Wax Candle Set in Jar, inspired by Queen.

Made for music lovers: Light me, relax and listen to your favourite records.

Add the perfect ambience to any settling with our 100% vegan music inspired candles, made from natural soy wax rapeseed and coconut oil. 

Available in 4 gorgeous scents.

Handmade and hand-poured in the UK.

Re-usable glass jar with screw lid.

    • Clean burning natural candles 
    • Wax from natural soy wax, rapeseed and coconut oil
    • 100% vegan
    • Handmade and hand-poured in the UK
    • Wick made from cotton with paper core
    • Large 250ml 8.2 x 6.2 x 6.2cm - 60 hours burn time (approx)
    • Small 120ml  6.2cl x 6.2cm x 6.2cm - 36 hours burn time (approx)
    • Vinyl inspired metal screw lid

    Available in 4 gorgeous scents:

    • Orange, Clove and Cinnamon: This aromatic spicy blend has notes of citrus orange, clove and warming cinnamon natural fragrance oils
    • Relax: a stunning blend of beautifully floral notes with essential oils from a natural plant source - calming lavender, geranium, sweet orange and ylang ylang which promote relaxation, mental calm and harmony. 
    • Pink Fizz and Grapefruit: The aroma of Pink Champagne, citrus, sweet apple and effervescent grapefruit make an indulgent celebratory combination
    • Lime, Basil and Mandarin: Float away on a cool tropical breeze with our luxurious blend of citrusy lime and mandarin expertly combined with peppery basil. This scent will infuse your home with an uplifting atmosphere in any room.
      • Unlike other candle brands that produce machine-made candles by the thousands, we choose quality over quantity. This means that your Electric Eye Candle Co. Candle is handmade one-by-one by artisan candlemakers using only the finest materials. Once your order has been processed, our printers use eco-friendly inks to print directly onto the label and lid, retaining the reflective finish of the lid's metal. Our candlemakers then pour your candle by hand using a mixture of soy wax, rapeseed and coconut oils. After a final quality check, your candle is lovingly packaged and sent to you!
      • Please note: due to the natural way we make your candle, the wax may pull away from the glass due to the different ways glass and wax react to heat. This may give the candle a 'spotting' texture, which is completely natural and there is never more than a hairs width between the glass and the wax.
      • While candles can add ambience to any setting, it is important that they are used safely. The glass can become hot when burning, avoid touching or moving the glass while the candle is burning. The metal lid is designed to keep the candle clean and not to be used while the candle is burning. A hot jar may also damage the lid's design. To avoid surface damage always use a heat resistant surface when using your candle
      • Hand wash, removing candle first
      • Do not leave candles unattended at any time
      • Carelessness causes fire